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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Forgot something

Is any one there reading this. Please let me know I could really use some feedback.

Sunday August 1,2015

This is Heber he was a gift and will be my traveling companion, this trip to Phoenix is his first adventure.

Well I came down to Phoenix yesterday for a demo of Golden's QoR watercolors. The colors are awesome loaded highly with pigment. I did get white and black and of course more colors a set of twelve and two others tubes. I haven't done anything yet but will post when I do.

Tomorrow the convention starts with meet the instructors I am very excited because many I am not familiar with, a few I am and  some are friends.

Time to turn in.

Heber is not enjoying the heat if you look you can see it is 118 degrees. Moose don't like the heat and neither do I. About 35 degrees kooler is optimal for me.

Back at you later.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday July 31, 2015

YEAH to day is a BLUE MOON!!
Good day in the sky tonite. If you do not know what this is. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. Last nite the moon was beautiful so tonight it will be magnificent so go outside tonight enjoy the fresh air and observe the moon!!

I am packing for Art Unraveled today. I am leaving tomorrow so I can see a demo at Arizona Art Supplies on Goldens new water colors QoR. If you haven't seen these check them out. They come in a tube like acrylics and are so smooth you won't believe. I only own a few but plan on buying some more tomorrow after the demo. For those who don't know me personally you need to know I like to touch the things I purchase so I don't buy much online unless I've seen it, touched it or played with it first if I can.
Back to the QoR paints i own a few, I have played with them I just would like to see the colors in person before I but more. If you like watercolor these are for you!!!

I am going to this demo with my friend Joyce and then I will be staying with her for the duration of Art Unraveled. If we don't have a class we plan on just having art day each day. So far we plan on doing GelliPlate, other stencil stuff, show and tell ( of course- which I will post),  beading, maybe some urban sketching, stamping for future swapping and checking out YouTube as a starter list. Any other ideas for us please comment. Saturday the 8th is the shopping extravaganza and we will definately be there for that!!!
The only class I have signed up for as of now is one with Seth Apter and I can't wait. Seth and I have been email buddies for quite a while. We almost had a chance to me a few months ago when I went to NYC but I went east and he came west. Oh well we will meet in person for sure next week.
That's all for now.

I'll let you know about the QoR demo

PUFF signing out

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Today was a productive day as far as getting organized. I did some cleaning and arranging in the garage and located a few things I have been looking for. YEAH

Anyone who reads this going to Art Unraveled please leave me a message so maybe we can meet.

I worked on swaps today and have charms and ATCs so if you are going to AU find me to swap!

I am also looking for clear CD cases if you have some you'd like to rid yourself of please let me know.

It rained hard here today so no Urban Sketching so I tried sketching at home not worthwhile a pix post. Hopefully it will get better!

I have been trying to figure out how to get my blog to automatically go out to those who want it can anyone help me put with this? As I've said befor I am not all that computer savvy.

Bye for today,

Friday, July 24, 2015

Monday July 27, 2015

The best laid plans never seem to work out. I was going to try the urban drawing 3 or 4 times this weekend but Doc had to cover for someone at one of his other hatcheries so Sable and I tagged along and enjoyed some time with him. We decided to sit out and watch the sunset so I thought I'd sketch that except where we were had mosquitoes and we don't!! Definately something I don't miss.

When I was in Ohio my friends Teri gave me a lovely present I forgot to put on my last message. It was a beautiful lap quilt. Check it out isn't it AWESOME!! Thanx Ter-Bear!!!!!
Of course great for me since I love fish.
Not much else today it's cleaning day and of course gobbler here takes all day to do 1/2 my house.

Talked to my friend Joyce and we have semi finalizes our plans for Art Unraveled. Only a few more days til I leave for Phoenix to stay with her and attend some classes and do some art work together, I can't wait. Giving a big Hello and Thanx to her for putting me up.
Maybe more later. 


PUFF and Sable

July 24th

Went to town to get some drawing stuff and Walmart (only place for me to get stuff locally) and they had moved stuff all around. In normal area was other craft stuff then I noticed craft paint throw together in a box marked 2/$1 and I panicked thought they were getting rid of paint so I grabbed some of my favs for Gelli Printing. 
Still couldn't find drawing stuff looked and looked and finally many many rows away I found really nice drawing kit with pencils, erasers, sharpeners and charcoal in a nice box and way down the aisle the sketch books. WHEW!
Was going to then go draw but the temperature got up to 98 and couldn't find a good shady spot so headed home.

Hubby had to go work at a different one of his hatcheries for Fri and Sat so Sable and I tagged along.
Today was not very profitable but maybe tomorrow I will try some landscape drawing. Wish me luck.