Sunday, August 2, 2015

Forgot something

Is any one there reading this. Please let me know I could really use some feedback.

Sunday August 1,2015

This is Heber he was a gift and will be my traveling companion, this trip to Phoenix is his first adventure.

Well I came down to Phoenix yesterday for a demo of Golden's QoR watercolors. The colors are awesome loaded highly with pigment. I did get white and black and of course more colors a set of twelve and two others tubes. I haven't done anything yet but will post when I do.

Tomorrow the convention starts with meet the instructors I am very excited because many I am not familiar with, a few I am and  some are friends.

Time to turn in.

Heber is not enjoying the heat if you look you can see it is 118 degrees. Moose don't like the heat and neither do I. About 35 degrees kooler is optimal for me.

Back at you later.