Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two prosperous days

About a month ago a stray dog showed up and my hubby finally corralled him into our fenced yard. We have been feeding and watering him and the last few days my dog Sable has taken him under her paw. He has been playing and learning a little from her. I have been calling him Raven and have checked him out although he doesn't appear to have fleas I am not letting him in the house because I am not sure he is house broken and since I am so slow with my bad leg, training him would be hard for me and Doc, that's my hubby, is very busy working almost 12-14 hour days. 
Raven was very skittish and wouldn't let any one near him but he was sleeping in my favorite outdoor chair.
After one day I could pet him because Sable ( that's my black lab) would bring him over. I am trying to teach him his name and that seems to be working well also he is learning to come and to sit. He is very young because he still squats to go to the bathroom. I do not want to take him to the Humane Society because they get a lot of strays here from the reservation so life can be short. I have contacted some shelters to find him a home. If you know anyone who would like him send me a comment. He is very lovey and I have been treating his sores. He IS shedding so he has scratchy spots from that. I have been brushing him when I brush Sable.

There is a point to this saga other than finding him a home. This has been taking away from my art but I did spend an hour cleaning up my studio like I promised myself, my puzzle pieces are designed but not finalized and I did get all my ATCs gessoed, therefor I guess I am almost on track.

Tomorrow I will hit the post to mail out some swaps and pick up mail, hopefully there will be fun stuff and not only bills.

So for today, Ciao from Sable and PUFF


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