Friday, May 15, 2015

Sad news and project line up

My grandfather-in-law passed away today. It is a sad day but he had been sick and lived a long life and did many things on his bucket list. I hope my life was as good as his. RIP gramps!!!

Today I spent a few hours cutting cardboard to make ATCs. I have two swaps coming up when I go back to Ohio.
I will be going back to ohio to visit my friends but on the way I am stopping to participate in Art Unplugged. A few of my friends will be there so it should be great and Joni who runs it is the most awesome lady ever and so are the rest of her family.

I am going to gesso the ATCs since it is plain cardboard and then let my muse take me wherever.

I started a group I Ohio when I lived there and they still stay together and I will be home for two meetings. For one project we are doing giant puzzle pieces with the theme TYPOGRAPY. Of course I haven't started yet but I have to gesso those pieces first. Still haven't thought of a word yet either. I will have to hope from his star in the sky my dad with inspire me. He was a printer.

Just in case I didn't post before I started a new Yahoo group: MailArtwithaTwist
Check it put and see if you like to join then ask for an invite.
Well off to gesso. If I get anything interesting done I'll post again later.
Have a great weekend!!



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