Friday, May 22, 2015

Off to NYC

Today I leave for NYC. I have a family obligation but a few days to shop around and fun stores that I may find mixed media stuff. Tomorrow I am going to hit the flea market in Hell's Kitchen. I should be able to find so Kool stuff. 
I'll be gone until Tuesday and arrive about 9:00 pm and my hubby leaves at 11:00 pm so ha will come early for a quick hugs and off he goes. A secret rendezvous for two.
Pix to follow of my great finds if there are any and where I went and what I found where probably no posts until then. Selfie waiting in airport at 4:45 am.
Oh I am not a morning person and I got no sleep worried aboud missing my shuttle. Ok no selfie I look worse than I thought.
Ta for now!


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