Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Internet sucks sometime

We had snow on Saturday and it was the most all winter.
The hummingbirds were not happy. But by 5 pm it was mostly gone.
It appears that the snow has thrown our internet of so we have it intermittently. It will take until the 27th to get someone out here to look at the dish and modem.
It really makes using the internet and keeping up difficult.

I got everything gessoed the other day and when I went to put them away I realized I didn't gesso enuff ATC size cardboard so I will have to get the stuff out again.
My group I started in Ohio are working on
giant puzzle pieces with a TYPOGRAPHY theme. So far I only gessoed mine.
Surprise to my group I am using black. We are supposed to pick a word and work with that. Not sure what to pick any suggestions?

Today I am packing to leave for NYC for a  long weekend for a family get together and a little art inspired shopping.
Getting around won't be as easy as usual but the shops and flea market are still there for me to investigate. 
It's been 4 years since I've been to NYC so I am very excited.
Pictures to follow when I return.
Gotta run Ta.


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