Sunday, May 31, 2015

Two prosperous days

About a month ago a stray dog showed up and my hubby finally corralled him into our fenced yard. We have been feeding and watering him and the last few days my dog Sable has taken him under her paw. He has been playing and learning a little from her. I have been calling him Raven and have checked him out although he doesn't appear to have fleas I am not letting him in the house because I am not sure he is house broken and since I am so slow with my bad leg, training him would be hard for me and Doc, that's my hubby, is very busy working almost 12-14 hour days. 
Raven was very skittish and wouldn't let any one near him but he was sleeping in my favorite outdoor chair.
After one day I could pet him because Sable ( that's my black lab) would bring him over. I am trying to teach him his name and that seems to be working well also he is learning to come and to sit. He is very young because he still squats to go to the bathroom. I do not want to take him to the Humane Society because they get a lot of strays here from the reservation so life can be short. I have contacted some shelters to find him a home. If you know anyone who would like him send me a comment. He is very lovey and I have been treating his sores. He IS shedding so he has scratchy spots from that. I have been brushing him when I brush Sable.

There is a point to this saga other than finding him a home. This has been taking away from my art but I did spend an hour cleaning up my studio like I promised myself, my puzzle pieces are designed but not finalized and I did get all my ATCs gessoed, therefor I guess I am almost on track.

Tomorrow I will hit the post to mail out some swaps and pick up mail, hopefully there will be fun stuff and not only bills.

So for today, Ciao from Sable and PUFF

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Just another day

Yesterday I promised myself I would work on a project a day. Some days it might not be an entire project but today I am gessoing some blank ATCs and then I am going to work on a puzzle piece project for a group that I  started years ago, (which is being run by a BFF of mine who was there when I started it).
We have been planning this project for months.

Well I sort of stuck to my plan.
I finished a tag swap I'm in and stamped and cut out items for another tag swap.
Looks like tomorrow I will gesso and start puzzle pieces.

This is my finished tag for a swap titled
Indian Princess. This is run thru a Facebook group Character Constructions. The only stipulations are that a regular tag be used and the doll must be from Character Construction.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New York New York its a wonderful town

As you know I went to NYC for a few days. It has been a few years since I last went and I was missing it and my family.
The family part was fantastic! You never realize how much you miss them until you are with them.
As usual we do a lot of talking and eating it was the best part of my year so far. (I have many plans coming up that will equal this time with them).

The last day my flight didn't leave until late after noon so I went to a few shops recommended by friends.

 Metalliferous was one of the most awesome shops I have ever been to. They had so many different metals and chain and blank bracelets, rings, necklaces and on and on. Of course I spent a bundle to get me started making jewelry again.

I also went flea marketing with my cousin in Hell's Kitchen and there were many wonderful items but what I was really looking for was small watches that didn't need to work that would only cost a few bucks but all I found were working and most wanted $10 or more for them and that was too too much for what I am planning.

I did  lot or walking that I am used to yet. We walked to Battery Park and watch the water and we could see the Staten Island Ferry and also the Statue of  Liberty.

The neatest site was from out front of our hotel we could see the monument to the 9/11 World Trade Center. I did not go to see it this time for two reasons one I was tired of walking and second being the holiday weekend it was packed.

Here is the picture from the front of the  hotel what a beautiful tribute building.
Now that I and rested I will be doing my little bit of housework I can over the next few days in stages and I have promised myself at least some project each day and at least 1 hour per day in my studio getting it in order since I never did get it settled before my accident, plus I need to locate things for the work shop Art Unplugged I am attending in a few weeks.

Take care one and all and check back soon.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Off to NYC

Today I leave for NYC. I have a family obligation but a few days to shop around and fun stores that I may find mixed media stuff. Tomorrow I am going to hit the flea market in Hell's Kitchen. I should be able to find so Kool stuff. 
I'll be gone until Tuesday and arrive about 9:00 pm and my hubby leaves at 11:00 pm so ha will come early for a quick hugs and off he goes. A secret rendezvous for two.
Pix to follow of my great finds if there are any and where I went and what I found where probably no posts until then. Selfie waiting in airport at 4:45 am.
Oh I am not a morning person and I got no sleep worried aboud missing my shuttle. Ok no selfie I look worse than I thought.
Ta for now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Internet sucks sometime

We had snow on Saturday and it was the most all winter.
The hummingbirds were not happy. But by 5 pm it was mostly gone.
It appears that the snow has thrown our internet of so we have it intermittently. It will take until the 27th to get someone out here to look at the dish and modem.
It really makes using the internet and keeping up difficult.

I got everything gessoed the other day and when I went to put them away I realized I didn't gesso enuff ATC size cardboard so I will have to get the stuff out again.
My group I started in Ohio are working on
giant puzzle pieces with a TYPOGRAPHY theme. So far I only gessoed mine.
Surprise to my group I am using black. We are supposed to pick a word and work with that. Not sure what to pick any suggestions?

Today I am packing to leave for NYC for a  long weekend for a family get together and a little art inspired shopping.
Getting around won't be as easy as usual but the shops and flea market are still there for me to investigate. 
It's been 4 years since I've been to NYC so I am very excited.
Pictures to follow when I return.
Gotta run Ta.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sad news and project line up

My grandfather-in-law passed away today. It is a sad day but he had been sick and lived a long life and did many things on his bucket list. I hope my life was as good as his. RIP gramps!!!

Today I spent a few hours cutting cardboard to make ATCs. I have two swaps coming up when I go back to Ohio.
I will be going back to ohio to visit my friends but on the way I am stopping to participate in Art Unplugged. A few of my friends will be there so it should be great and Joni who runs it is the most awesome lady ever and so are the rest of her family.

I am going to gesso the ATCs since it is plain cardboard and then let my muse take me wherever.

I started a group I Ohio when I lived there and they still stay together and I will be home for two meetings. For one project we are doing giant puzzle pieces with the theme TYPOGRAPY. Of course I haven't started yet but I have to gesso those pieces first. Still haven't thought of a word yet either. I will have to hope from his star in the sky my dad with inspire me. He was a printer.

Just in case I didn't post before I started a new Yahoo group: MailArtwithaTwist
Check it put and see if you like to join then ask for an invite.
Well off to gesso. If I get anything interesting done I'll post again later.
Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

14 May 2015

I made plenty of papers with my Gelli Plate. If you have never tried on you must get one. Look it up on the internet and you tube and see what you can do. But I tried making an actual print. I think I got a good one it stlil needs some this and then matted.

I finally got my mini-kiln. I really wanted a front loader but got a top loader but oh-well it was half price and it really is small..

Here are a few pix of my kiln you can see how small it is compares to my hand.

This is the lid on the main part.

I can't wait to try it. I have to watch you tube video I how it runs. This is suggested by the company. Tomorrow to town for a few thing then Saturday is trial day. 
I hope you are looking forward to it as I am. When my husband goes to our place in Ohio I am going to have home hook up my big kiln so when I drive home I can carry big pieces of clay and rake.
Cross you fingers on that one
Until later...


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

12 May 2015

I have decided to use dates  and / or title if exciting instead of entry numbers.

As a lot of you already know I was in a near fatal car crash in September of 2013.
I am finally walking again with the use of a cane which will probably be my friend for the rest of my life. Over the past two weeks I have been practicing to drive also.
The accident was my fault, I ran off the road and hit a tree bouncing off another tree and back to the original tree. I don't remember any thing much except when then pulled my leg to get the bones back in the skin and them telling me I was going on a chopper, the rest is blank. My husband was out of town and when I finally awoke he told me that my face had been torn open (look just as good as new), I had broken almost all of my ribs and that my lower right leg had been broken and poked thru the skin. Later I was to find out that my leg was broken in 47 places and some of the pieces of bone were missing. After 7 surgeries I am walking with my cane. There is pain no matter what I do with that leg but I am grateful that I am alive and can walk at all and that I did not loose that leg, cause there was talk of it.

Now I will explain why I shared that story. Yesterday was my first excursion out into the world alone in my new car. FREEDOM for the first time in 20 months.
I drove to town with many errands I wanted to do that I know my hubby would not and could not because he was working. I am retired now so I can have fun and enjoy life.
My first stop was to take myself to a movie and I saw Age of Adeline and it was wonderful. A great sci fi love story.
Then off to other errands but my leg was swelling fast as it will probably always do. I had intentions of going to WalMart the only place in town to get any art supplies so I could get some cheapy paint to do Gelli Plate art today. Well that didn't happen and today I am very tired so I will wait for paint tomorrow but that's ok I am glad to be home today because FedEx is supposed to deliver my new kiln. Where we live the electric is run on a turbine so it fluctuates and I could not have my big kiln running so I ordered a new on that is very very tiny. I will be able to do glass fusing, some small pieces of pottery and raku and also PMC. So I am eagerly awaiting that. It will probably be at the end of the day so I wont be able to try it out until Thursday. Because tomorrow is another excursion into town for art supplies and groceries. ( the best part of being handicapped is you get to ride around in the carts at stores and that at least makes it worthwhile).

Today I will do housecleaning which takes me about 4x longer than most and then Gelli Plate with what I have.

Later I will try my first post or a picture of what I accomplished with my Gelli Plate.  Please take note of the TRY.

That's all for today. A very boring and artless entry.